Sunday, January 22, 2012

Qazi Muhemed: His last speech

The following is Qazi Muhemed's final speech before he was executed by the Iranian military. (Translated by Shilan Saidi)

Qazi Mohammads last speech, hours before his execution.
"My dears
These are the last hours of my life and I ask this of you.
For the love of God, come, and stop being each others’ enemies.
Be as one and have each others’ backs in the face of an unfair and ruthless enemy.
Don’t sell yourselves cheep to the enemy. Our enemies only want you as long as it benefits their own purposes. The enemy will never feel compassion for you.
The enemies of Kurds are many, they are tyranic, ruthless and without any conscience.
The success for any people is oneness, unity and support of their whole nation.
Any nation that does not have oneness and unity will forever be under his emenies’ rule.
You as Kurds are no less than other free nations, on the contrary you are in many ways more ready than other nations that freed themselves from oppression.
But those who freed themselves had unity amongst them. For you to be free you have to stop fighting amongst yourselves, stop being jealous of each other, stop selling yourself to the enemy. Only then will you be free and free your nation."
To hear the speech in Kurdish, click here

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